Hugh McLachlan Sculpture

The Meander River is 50 metres from my home and studio near Deloraine in Tasmania. The river is a constant source of creative inspiration. The ‘Bathing Woman’ sculptures reference the freedom of summer swims, while the reflection in pools and the endless flow of the rivers finds its way into my ‘Narcissus’ and ‘Slow Flow’ sculptures.

'Bathing Woman' Sculptures

The polished sensuous forms of the 'Bathing Woman' Sculptures, give the illusion of the forms slowly flowing and becoming one with the water.

'Narcissus' Sculptures

Polished stainless steel creates the illusion of a pool where the viewer and the sculpture can slowly flow into a state of Narcissism.

'Slow Flow' Sculptures

Changing states changing forms, where solid slowly flows into liquid.
The polished sensuous forms of Hugh McLachlan stainless steel sculptures give the illusion of flow, one state slowly flowing into another. The polished surface of the sculpture wears the environment as a second skin, as the light and reflections change so does the sculpture, always dynamic.